Friday, December 13, 2013

I'm back making FTU kits

After recents events in my life where I was almost killed I decide to quit following 
other people advice and design FTU kits under my name.
I have admit that the first time I did have her stuff in my kits by accident now the
2nd time it was just one item that I thought I deleted. Everything of hers is gone even if it looked
like it was hers. I didn't like emo stuff anyway, I should have stayed with my gut keep to what you all 
loved for me to do. But I'm coming back as me not as Zesty or Twisted just me.  I won't bother telling you what you believe,  but I will say here and now I will only use stuff that its FTU CU or stuff I brought.
Now with the stuff I have bought that I can't use because its all PTU use only. sadly I spent a lot of money on them not to use them but I honestly don't want to join ANY store no where in the future. Now to all those kits that I made using those stuff I don't see a way that I can give them to you because they had the PTU items thats under this name and the Twisted both had a lot of good kits. But it is what it is. I'm sorry if I let anyone down by not paying closer attention to what I was doing. From now on I'm going to stick to what I know. I'm holding my head high, and those that want to talk trash please go a head after what I been through it won't bother me, you try to being choked with an xbox cord by an fam member then we can talk. Other wises I will do what I do, you do what you do and we will just stay away from each other. And by the way if you want to rip my kits a part pls go right ahead. But for those of you that still like me kits I will be making soon after the holidays I have to make orgmants with VV and Jas got half ready the other half not so much lol its not been my month between the stress of it all the suckin cops not doing anything and the nerves are gone. So let me calm down n I will be making some new FTU only KITS
thank you for read
remember what our moms has always said if you don't got anything nice 
don't say anything at all