Sunday, May 19, 2013


SugarButt's Train is going along side of my train
for AA Blog train I want to thank every and every designer that
came out and did this with me it means the world to me
my download will be on my train  
heres why we all did it

I’m Jenny from Jenny’s Designz; a lot of you have known me for years. What you might not know is that my little girl suffers, yes I mean SUFFERS from ALOPECIA AREATA. She has had it since she was 2 years old. It started out as a little tiny bald spot that has gotten bigger and bigger, but she is not totally bald like some of the kids that have it. Her hair comes out in patches; she takes steroid shots that might stop her growth rate, and as of right now there is no cure for it. 
They say its genetic (not that me or my ex-hubby knows of any one in our family’s ever having it) she is the only one. She is 6 years old now in school you can only image the worry that I go through because kids can be mean. She is very self-conscious about her hair. So I wanted to spread the word to people that may or may not have heard for the condition.  The more people that know the better chance we have at finding a cure for it. 
My good friend from my own CT team - Angela from Queenie Creations - has already made a kit so I’m using her kit to make a tag with Veronica (VV) to show the world my happy beautiful child. I tell her every day that she is beautiful, and I think every child with any kind of disease needs to hear that. I am sending out a call to ALL SCRAPKIT DESIGNERS who would be interested in collaborating on this project - including those who do tags, quick pages, templates, masks, etc. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!
Here is the info designers will need for the kits.  There is no due date because I haven't been able to get others involved in it yet. I have posted in several groups on Facebook. I know people have seen it so far Angela and Shani from Wicked Princess. 
If you know of anyone else that I haven’t thought about - would you please send them the link to this post or forward an email to them letting them know and asking them to help out?  I would be ever so thankful. Even taggers can do something - a tag here or there with awareness on it helps out more then you know!
The BLOG TRAIN list :

Here's a new blog train I joined
Alopecia Areate Awareness

Remember we all live in different time zones 
so please check back if you do not see a part. :)
Enjoy your trip!

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  • Patty B Scraps
  • Sugarbutt Designs
  • Mandog Scraps
  • Shuckclod’s Stuff
  • Princess Mahi
  • Mama’s Designz
  • ABCreations
  • Yez Designs
  • Jenny’s Designz
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  • Shirly Ann’s Download

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    1. Your daughter is a beautiful little girl. I'm so glad I could help with this blog train. Thank you for sharing her story.