Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Kit: Burlesque Gurl

I will be bk soon there was couple items that was in an CU folder that shouldn't have been.
it happens to you sometimes, you download something that you think is CU but isn't. The designer that made the items made them herself and I want to thank her for letting me know. I'm going to delete them. It was the first time doing these kind of kits. I had things for years and just brought some emo stuff bc people like those kits. I like the ones that I do myself. But I don't use taggerkits anymore bc I use the cluster frames ppl make. it makes the whole making of tag easier for me these days I barely have any time to do any of these because of RL and school. But It will be back soon.


  1. Thanks! You've been a busy girl! Love it :)

  2. love this kit,thank you

  3. Thank you for downloading my Pink'd kit.....
    I'm happy you enjoyed it enough to add some of the items from it into your kit, here. =/

  4. I don't download Tagger Kits anymore because I use Cluster frames when making an tag it so much easier those elements was in an CU FTU folder on my hard drive that I found years ago if they are yours I'm sorry I didn't know I download a lot of FTU CU stuff and buy a lot of PTU stuff. I don't steal from other people. So again if they are yours and I believe you I'm sorry but as an tagger I don't download kits anymore If they are yours I will take down the kit an take them out after you email me an tell me which ones are yours.

  5. They're from a kit I just posted over a week ago as a ftu kit & it is NOT a CU kit... as it says on my preview:'d_Updatedpreview.png.

    I made those items from scripts/ templates I bought.
    I originally created MY kit in June 2012.
    Here's a couple screencaps of your items compared to mine:

    The kit needs to be removed. Sorry, but those items came from my kit. I made them with scripts/ templates so I know they didn't come from a CU pack.

  6. an again its been months since i last download a kit but i will tk those items out of i said i don't have to steal from other designers kits. but i don't have an issue with redoing the kit. It was was were I found them I don't know how they got in there bc I read all tous to make sure if the item is cu or pu