Saturday, October 18, 2014

Presenting.... Wonderfully Wicked!

The girls and I have come together to whip you up a new Halloween Collab!
Who doesn't love Halloween? It'such a fun holiday and this collab was so much fun too!

Presenting.... Wonderfully Wicked!
Its not my best but with school and my kids
its been hard to crave me any me time but 
heres the pumpkins me n the kids did

You can grab mine here

Grab Golden's here

Grab Peace's part HERE

Grab Dede's part HERE

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pixie's Tut and Cluster Frame

Heres what Pixies did using 
its called Witchy Hour

Cluster frame by Pixie

Starduste DesignsFTU Tuts: WITCHY HOUR &

Starduste Designs 
Result done with Witchy Hour. Hope you like it. You can view the tut here
 my tut result with over the rainbow. 
You can view the tut here

Bounty of Leave Collab ScrapKit.

Bounty of Leave Collab ScrapKit...

I love the colder temps just not to cold lol
but theres nothing more beautiful then the leaves changing 

Here is my part

Dede you can go here

I hope you like it and please leave some comments

Here are my girls part has in Golden and Peace

Peace you can grab it here

Golden you can get over here

Way to go girls...
sorry im so late being sick is for the birds

Saturday, September 6, 2014

New FTU "Birthday Wish" Collab

New Freebie Collab kit X 4 designers.
Gold, Dust, Sassy Dede, Peace Creations and myself.
Below are previews and links to all kits.
Don't forget to tell the ladies thank you
Hope you all enjoy. 
Be kind and share some love when snagging the kits!
We are working on another collab for Halloween

 You can download my part