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What you CAN do with my Scrapkits:

* You CAN use my Scrapkits for custom blinkies. IF someone pays YOU for a blinkie
service and they want you to use one of my kits, that's ok. So long as you have either
purchased the Scrapkit, or have already used it in a CT creation in my Creation Team Group.

* You CAN pay someone to make you a blinkie but they MUST purchase the PTU Scrapkit first if that's the one you want them to use. You CANNOT give them the Scrapkits to use.  Period. Ever. If it's a FTU Scrapkit you want used then please direct them to my blog ,so they can download the FTU kit themselves.

* You CAN make tags/layouts/timeline covers, etc. using either my PTU or FTU Scrapkits for FREE. You CANNOT charge money for these creations! Not only is it against every TOU if you use a tube, BUT it's against the TOU for many of the designers from whom I use their CU items.  It's against my TOU period.

* You CAN print out the Scrap Layouts you make. A lot of people do that and make
Scrapbooks out of them. You CAN have them printed at most office supply stores for a very small price.

* You CAN use elements from any of my Scrapkits I make to make a tag. Mix and match elements from my Scrapkits if it helps you create your tags!


What you may NOT do with my Scrapkits:

* You may NOT claim my Scrapkits as your own.

* You may NOT alter any items in my Scrapkits and claim them as your own.

* You may NOT change the filenames.

* You may NOT charge for any creations you make with my Scrapkits.

* You may NOT upload my kits offer for download. If you want to tell others about my Scrapkits you MUST share my blog link and NOT the download link.

* You may NOT share my Scrapkits . Direct interested people to
either my blog or the stores I sell in.

* You may NOT recolor any items my Scrapkits. They are that color because that's how I designed them.

* You may NOT take items from my  Scrapkits and use them to make your own Scrapkits!  That is outright stealing and I do NOT tolerate stealing. 

If in doubt about any of things you may NOT do, please contact me directly at



*  If you are a tutorial writer and are using any of my Scrapkits in your tutorials, please direct your members and/or visitors to my blog or stores I sell in to download or purchase.

*  Please give credit and link back to my blog
The CU items in my kits/packages were purchased/as FTU CU products re downloaded in good faith and on their word that they are safe and legal to use. If you find an item that is illegal, please contact me right away, with proof, so I can remove the items in question and get in contact with the original designer.

Basically use common sense. Oddly enough, not too many people seem to have that in the PSP community. :)  I know ya'll do, but the things that are happening are ridiculous. If I find out any member of my team does that, you will be removed without warning and reported to the appropriate companies.

Credit is not necessary but always appreciated!!  
 A Sweet-PinUp license is required to use the tube included in this kit. If you don't have one, you can get one for free. Go here to request a license:

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