Thursday, May 15, 2014

Updates and Always List

Just some radom updates ladies
Im working on some kits now so keep watching for them
but If you like the tags I make you can 
join me n the ladies if u want to join my always list on fb heres the link
I meant to post this a while ago I just keep forgetting.
I'm ready for summer how about you? I'm going to be busy
with school it starts back the 27th of this month if everything works out.
and as you know the kids will be out of school. Veronica isgraduatiing 5k this year
on the 3oth of this month my baby is growing up. Jason will be in the 3rd grade so 
not looking forward to his home work next year lmao. 
and I hope to be able to move soon so pls keep your fingers cross for me.
I need to move months ago but with no money its hard, I'm sure you know 
how that is. But here are just a couple of the tags I made 
for the gurls in my always list..
 the toptag is made from my goodfriend Golden kit
you can get to by clicking her blinkie
the bottom one is by LindaNM
from her tut Rocking Blues
you can also get to it by clicking
her blinkie

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