Thursday, August 1, 2013

New For my CT gurls

Hey gurls I think we had an good month last month we lost some CT members but we gain a lot more. So with doing that we have pick our CT of the month for the Month of July it is Mélinou MéliCréa....sweetie PM me with what store you want to get your tube we might be doing an mid month surpise for ya'll! I want to thank each an every one of you that are working so hard to get my kits out there. I wouldn't be no where without ya'll. So again thank you for everythign you do and lets see what we can do this month with no one leaving of course. I ya'll gurls I wanted to make speical thank you to Missie Aubert for all the hard work you are doing for me and being my pick me up when I was upset about school these last weeks I wouldnt have made through without you so big (((HUGS))) And I want to thank the taggers that I buy and get my FTU kits Im so happy that you like them keep looking I'm going to adding an new freebie soon besides the blog train that im working on

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