Saturday, May 4, 2013

pls read

Ok its been brought to my attention that someone I'm not naming any names because I'm an being the bigger
person. I don't rip other people kits and steal their  from their kits.  I go around the different blogs and stores
and found a lot of CU stuff that are suppose to be FTU use by sadly they are from some one else kit. I admit up to my mistake. And took down the kit to redo it even thank her for telling me. But that wasn't enough, life is tough being an single mom as it is, with out other people trying to bring you down. I knew right away that she was right I had no reason to doubt her. But the only kits I have download was Jenn's Designs to make her some tags and cluster frames, to help an friend out. You can see them on here. But all I use now to make tags is cluster frames that you wonderful psp land makes for us all to use. I like them better myself because it takes the way the wut would look good on this frame or template. But back to me stealing its below any one to steal anything from anyone. I teach my kids that its not right. Now saying that I'm going to try to find my proof that I know I'm going to need its on my ext. hard drive which only have PTU tubes, my really old kits, and CU stuff on it. I haven't put nothing on it in over 2 years because I have been doing with RL and I will even take an screen shot of my down load folder but u want see any scrap kits there because I don't use them. I don't even to tuts anymore inless they use cluster frames. I haven't stole from anyone, I have only got them from other bloggers and the CU stores. But you can believe what you want and I can only tell you what I did and its up to you what to believe.  I don't bring down other people every one makes mistakes no one is perfect lord don't we all wish. thank you for reading.

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