Wednesday, May 15, 2013

2 New Ptu Kits & 1 New FTU Kit AdHD Awarness

Butterfly Kisses
This Kit is all about Butterflys Kisses....It has 61 elements alot of butterflys and 10 colorful papers. Its soft and sweet just like butterlys are.
Nature Song
This kit is all about nature its has tons of Nature things in it. It only has 53 elements but itshas tons of flowers and it has 8 papers to it.
You can get both over at SPU for 2 bucks right now and remember to check out the other
Great designers over there.
And here is an FTU Kit for ADHD Awarness I did it for my son so I tried to find
Some boy stuff for it. Hope you can enjoy it.

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