Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2 New Blog trains

I just join 2 more blog trains first one is

"Catch A Ride On A Blog Train"!
The theme is "A Mother's Love"
There is not a color palette. Use your full creativity and imagination!
Create what A Mother's Love means to you.
The Train leaves on September 7, 2009.
If you are interested, pls go here

Thanks and I look forward to the ride!
the 2nd one is

Old Skool Blog Train

Our first train is set to take off on September 15th! We are going to do a more unique train this go around and give you several options to work with!

Here's the low down:

THEME-Old Skool, meaning you pick the decade! As designers we all come from different era's. Pick one you like, from the 50's on through to the 80's! Every one of us has our favorite!

COLORS-The colors are your choice! We will be posting optional palettes for those who like to have an idea of something to work with.

SIZE-Tagger or Full, mini or large kit, whatever you like! We are also extending this train to not only include scrap kits but tag templates as well. If you choose to make templates we ask for a minimum of 3-4.

to read more bout this blog train go here

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