Friday, May 3, 2013

New PTU KIT-- Spring Princess

I decide to start selling after an really long time of thinking
Stacia one my awesome CT members talked me into going 
to Sweet-Pin-Up
My kits are pretty cheap right now set at $ 2 dollars.
The Spring Princess kit is: This my Spring Princess kit its all sweet, and girly perfect for those sweet innocent tagsits has 25 elementsand 5 papers


  1. This is a PTU kit??? And you have some of Magik's elements in it as well? Those elements come from a Personal Use kit. I don't know where you got them from, but if you 'did' get them from another s\designer as you claim, that person stole them from her & you shouldn't be using them. Just saying...

  2. This Kit is no longer for sale if you would have took a moment you would have seen that. I know that I didn't steal from anyone's kit. Nor do I want to, there so much out there that is free 99% of my stuff comes from the CU FTU sites which is where I got those from, ppl can believe me or not I'm done with it. I'm moving forward with all my friends with me.