Friday, July 10, 2015

Almost done with school :)

I'm finally almost done with school yay
My grades are in AN A yippy and after the 2 classes I'm in now I only have 2 more so my Graudation is on Sept 12 last day for school will be on Sept 6. I'm so close to being done and so much closer to the job I been training to be. Then to have the life that we (my kid & I) deserved and dream of. SO keep prayign that I can do this and that everything will fall into place. I believe its time for me to start climbing back up. Thank you to those of you who has been my late night coaches love ya.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Tags and Cluster frame

Ladies have been busy I have been doing school
not updating my blog like I should but I'm making up for it
Hope everyone had an good easter. 
One of Golden's friends made an tag with the kit Easter Collab

Thank you so Much Reyna  love it
And Kim from Kim L Creations had made an cluster frame with
my SPring into Color

Friday, March 20, 2015

Eggs-ellent Spring Cluster Frames from Sassy Dede

My buddy from Sassy Dede has some super cute
 cluster frames that she made with our 
Egg-ellent Spring Collab go to her 
blog to check them out heres the awesome 
tag she made me

Eggs-ellent Spring

It's Easter Time...

Love Easter, Love Spring. Love the colors
Just love it

Here is our
Eggs-ellent Spring

I hope you like what we made for you guys..
Here is Gold Dust AKA Golden
YOu can find it here

Here is SassyDee aka Dede
You can find it here

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Presenting.... Wonderfully Wicked!

The girls and I have come together to whip you up a new Halloween Collab!
Who doesn't love Halloween? It'such a fun holiday and this collab was so much fun too!

Presenting.... Wonderfully Wicked!
Its not my best but with school and my kids
its been hard to crave me any me time but 
heres the pumpkins me n the kids did

You can grab mine here

Grab Golden's here

Grab Peace's part HERE

Grab Dede's part HERE